Hell yeah, sonic art!

Below is a new piece of mine, which I wrote last week. It's called The Corners Kept Their Secrets Where There Were Claw Marks In The Dust, which is a Dylan Thomas line before y'all start thinking I've become even more pretentious than usual. Granted, I am up my own arse, but in this case my pretension is filtered through that of one of Swansea's favourite sons, which, by my reckoning, makes it acceptable.

Its title aside, the piece exists as an effort, on my part, to write something only using sound-objects sourced from small noises: if left to my own devices, the acousmatic music I write is generally pretty full-on and bombastic, and I wanted to have a turn being a delicate little flower. I let myself down slightly, and there are two loud noises in there (both drum hits), but, generally speaking, I think I managed not to resort to my fall-back position of 'oh this is getting a bit dull, why don't we whack in a scream / some white noise / the sound of a building falling over'...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think and that.

Memory Tapes - 'Seek Magic': a Review thereof.

Hullo crazy crew,
Ceri got us writing reviews in contextual studies last week. I thought I'd share mine with you- it's a review of the album 'Seek Magic' by Memory Tapes. Enjoy!...

Anarchic Transformations: Trevor Wishart & Vox 5

Hola my lovelies! After the break is the text of an essay comprising my thoughts on Trevor Wishart's seminal work Vox 5, which has been a massive inspiration to me. Wishart's stereo mix of the piece itself is embedded just here, for your listening pleasure:

(PS ...I apologise for the lack of footnotes, but seriously, what do you want for nothing? Rubber biscuit?)

Notes on an installation

Hey! It's me!

So we pretty much put an installation on yesterday, as part of RWCMD's Open House Day & 60th Birthday celebrations. It was super-rad, and anyone who missed it really should take a long hard look at themselves.

...but wait! By expedient chance, latecomers and the infirm have an opportunity to watch the following short video, which gives one the opportunity to experience the performance as if one had really been there! And all at no extra cost to the viewer!

Here it is: 'Bored Meeting'..

The idea was to recreate the quasi-hallucinatory dream state that the human mind often chooses to occupy during particularly long and tedious meetings. We've all been there I'm sure: it's where we are when we doodle on our expensive-looking jotters, or look out of the window, or try to see how many staplers we can fit up one nostril without the boss noticing.

(...more after the break...)