Past: An evening of music and film (2nd helping)

So, I've given you the programme notes; now for a couple of little kinematic exempla (more here and here):

(a double-bill of ultra-short shorts from, respectively, 1899 and 1921)

(a calming scene from a 1950s Hollywood movie)

As ever, all sound design and music is by little ol' me. Let me know what you think, yo!

Past: An evening of music and film (1st helping)

As brother Jacques has so rightfully pointed out, it's really time I updated this here web-diary. I thought I should take this opportunity, therefore, to say 'thank you' to everyone who helped made the Evening of Music & Film a success hitherto unparalleled by any other mortal achievement.

A Cardiff-based, multi-BAFTA award-winning composer came up to me afterwards and told me that Gruff and I should enter the Turner Prize with On Decorum. HE SAID THIS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE GUYS.

Anyway! For those of you who couldn't make it due to 1) ineptitude, 2) forgetitude, 3) not-really-bothereditude, 4) being in another country.. I've copied out the programme notes after the break. I've also handed over a couple more pieces from the night into the care of the nice gentlemen and ladies at youtube: watch them here!

Right, here are the aforementioned programme notes (including handy clickable links if you fancy watching those elements of the night that have made it onto youtube):