Yaoi! Attack

Hello, ladies and also gentlemen. This is a small announcement concerning my new musical project, Yaoi! Attack, which is shortly going to take the world by storm. Tinny over-compressed electronic tape-noise-psych-soul-boogie for the win! You heard it here first!

The basic technique is: stick itunes on shuffle; make a note of the first 10 songs that get played; sample them; make something new. As such,  a small note about the genetic make-up of each song is in order:

Mile zero bison =  robert wyatt w/ orchestre national de jazz + squarepusher + steeleye span + hella + marnie stern + the lucksmiths
Yes, I am = mogwai + the byrds + steve reich + volcano! + magic sam + aidan smith + j dilla + louise attaque
Beautiful underwater frond pond = alan r splet + ital tek + frank zappa + herbie hancock + trevor wishart + matthew herbert
Scaling the face of... = robert knight + the coral + esbjorn svensson trio + nosaj thing + doves + tom waits + john coltrane

Befriend me on myspace if you're feeling charitable: www.myspace.com/edwardrmillington

Or find me on the soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/yaoi-attack


Sweet iplayer linkaroo

For those of you who fancy a listen-again to Then We Came to the End (maybe you tuned in on Friday, but were too excited by the music to catch much of the plot), please use the following handy electronic link...


Then We Came to the End

Then We Came to the End is this Friday's 'Friday Play' on BBC Radio 4. It goes out at 9pm. It features specially-composed music by Ed Millington. Ed Millington is me. Therefore, I thought I'd write a blog post about it.

According to its special BBC web page, the tragi-comic play is about "a dysfunctional company of misfits in an advertising agency [who] try to come to terms with the effects of the downturn, as boom turns to bust and the lay-offs begin."

(...more after the break...)

Wail to God

Hullo. In today's blog, we'll be looking at animation. Or rather, one specific animation: Anthony F Scheppard's cartoon-horror video for the Ape School track Wail to God. Having first stripped the video of its original sonic context, I composed my own sound design to it. I thought it would be interesting to take a piece of footage that had originally been composed to some music, and try to reverse-imagineer the process. Anyhey, the results are below. Enjoy, have fun, and stay safe!

(the original video, featuring the psychy-pop melodies of Ape School (buy! buy! buy!), can be found here)