Reviewed? Reviewed!

So my EP got reviewed by the Miniature Music Press, because they are lovely. I like the fact that they call me Milligan, because that is the second name of the artist Spike Milligan, who is a person that I like.

They say the following words, whilst giving me a mark of 3.6*

"Conceptually Yaoi! Attack, aka Edward R. Milligan, are onto a winner. The notion of letting iTunes pick ten tracks from which you have to create something new sounds almost Bowie-esque in concoction. The acid test is how successfully Milligan makes use of his sparse resources. Opener Mile Zero Bison comes across like lo-fi Babybird being kneaded gently by Animal Collective into a warm, cassette-shaped dough. Yes, I Am has the same integration of beats you would find in a Ruby Suns set but lacks the same melodic cleanliness. Similarly eerie yet unaffecting is the ambient soundscape of Beautiful Underwater Pond Frond that is built from jarringly diverse bricks including Mogwai and The Byrds. Yet the title track is an immense demonstration of how to pull something entirely fresh from old sources and is an acousmatic gem. Though only truly brilliant in small doses, when in gear this is frankly scintillating. SMR"

Warm cassette-shaped dough!

Yaoi! Attack continues to live here:

* Note for statisticians: I am officially 0.2 better than Dafydd Saer, who is a man, and 0.3 worse than Clay Statues, who are two men. It is possible that there is a positive correlation between the inherent manliness of a musician and the inherent worth of his music.** Certainly, the existing evidence warrants further investigation.

** On this scale, Elton John is worth 2 Joan Armatradings, but only 1/4 of a Motley Crue.