The BBC and me, part one: audio evidence

So, you may remember how I wrote the music to a BBC Radio Four Friday Play. I've finally got it together enough to upload a couple of clips. The first one features the sexy voice of none other than James Marsters (or Spike from off of Buffy as he's known round our house), as well as that of the lamentably anonymous, but equally sexy, continuity announcer. Enjoy!

Ooh, spooky: "Ghosts before breakfast"

So I decided I wanted to make a video for my hot new sample-based project Yaoi! Attack. But then I thought... why go to all the trouble, when you can just co-opt visuals from a classic piece of 1920s experimental German cinema?

Well exactly.

That being the case,  I present to you my take on Hans Richter's Ghosts before Breakfast, a revolutionary abstract film from 1927.

As ever, I built the track up from a few unrelated mp3s taken from my itunes library (although i did cheat a little here by cherry-picking the samples, rather than leaving their choice up to the gods of fate as I technically should). Also, I added good few little sound effects and extra touches of my own. If you're interested though, the basic recipe for this song is: r dean taylor + charles mingus + mogwai + seasick steve + volcano! + the lucksmiths + modest mussorgsky. Yum!

By the way, you can download the track here..

The Writer

Oh hi there! I'm just dropping in to mention the fact that my talents have been snapped up by Derby-based production company Anglo Klaxon Pictures. I'm going to act as a sound designer, engineer and post-producer on their forthcoming short film The Writer, an existential yarn about an artist who suffers in solitary frustration over his inability to create.. until his attention turns to the disturbing sounds emanating from the flat upstairs..

Shooting is going to happen over January and February, with the finished piece to be premiered, as part of a triptych, at a number of international film festivals over the summer of 2010. More news as it happens.