Experiment 2: in which I done a video

Bonjour, mes amis. These 3 videos are going to form part of another installation I'm doing at college next Saturday. They're going to be played on 3 video screens in one corner of an office room- the idea being that they're each one side of a corporate video-conferencing session that's going a bit wrong.

There'll be other stuff going on inside the room as well. Super secret stuff. The sound was made using a motion-tracking pd patch very similar to the one below, except this time it's to pre-composed video rather than a live stream.. anyway here are the videos. Enjoy!

(for best results, please feel free to watch all 3 at the same time...)

Sophie Tilley, live from Madrid

Jack Melham, all the way from sunny San Francisco

Matt McDade, lost and confused in Tokyo

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