Ooh, spooky: "Ghosts before breakfast"

So I decided I wanted to make a video for my hot new sample-based project Yaoi! Attack. But then I thought... why go to all the trouble, when you can just co-opt visuals from a classic piece of 1920s experimental German cinema?

Well exactly.

That being the case,  I present to you my take on Hans Richter's Ghosts before Breakfast, a revolutionary abstract film from 1927.

As ever, I built the track up from a few unrelated mp3s taken from my itunes library (although i did cheat a little here by cherry-picking the samples, rather than leaving their choice up to the gods of fate as I technically should). Also, I added good few little sound effects and extra touches of my own. If you're interested though, the basic recipe for this song is: r dean taylor + charles mingus + mogwai + seasick steve + volcano! + the lucksmiths + modest mussorgsky. Yum!

By the way, you can download the track here..


  1. downloid! dawnload!

    ps: excellent use of the tony stace there, hadn't noticed that link before

  2. get the video with this! - http://www.downloadhelper.net/

    I might put the audio track up on the old soundcloud too.

    Tony Stace!