Let there be... flute!

So today's news is that I've been commissioned by flautist Rachel Pritchard to write an electronics-and-flute piece for her trio to play at the 2010 British Flute Society Convention, which will be held at the Royal Northern College of Music this coming August.

Below are my first couple of studies for the piece. I'm just starting to think about the kinds of sounds I'm going to use really. Let me know what the thing that you think about this is!


  1. Number two is pretty, and more engaging. And more flutey. : )

  2. Well i like the first one a bit better, but then I'm a Colosseum fan.

  3. oh anonymous, you tease! speaking as a colosseum fan, I also prefer the first one. But then I guess I'm also privy to the knowledge that I worked for 2 hours on the first one, and about 10 minutes on the second...