Apartment 11 - the evidence

Hullo internet chums! You may remember that, a short while ago, I was commissioned to do sound design for a short film called The Writer. Well, a lot of sonic water has passed under the cinematic bridge since that time, and it is now my privilege to unveil four short vignettes from said film, which has now been retitled Apartment 11. All of the sound that you will hear was recorded and mixed by me, in y stwdio.

Edit: I've been told to take these videos down, due to the possibility of distribution deals or some such. If I'm ever allowed to put them back up, I shall do. I'll upload some replacement, audio-only, snippets over the next couple of days. Examples of my work are still available on my portfolio page.

So there we have it! The film itself is in the final stages of post-production, and will be premiered at the Quad in Derby this June. Look out for it then, pop pickers.

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