Contemporary composition!

Untitled Piece for Flute Trio & Electronics
I have been commissioned to write a piece for flute trio and tape, to be performed at the British Flute Society Convention 2010, an event which will take place at the Royal Northern College of Music in August. The following are some initial studies for the piece. Related blog post here.

'The Corners Kept Their Secrets Where There Were Claw-Marks In The Dust'
The stereo mix of an octophonic surround-sound piece that was premiered at RWCMD in November 2009. The piece exists as an effort, on my part, to write something mainly using sound-objects sourced from small noises Related blog post here.

Yaoi! Attack
Tinny over-compressed electronic tape-noise-psych-soul-boogie. Shortly to take the world by storm. Related blog posts here.

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